NUMBER 1 (SERIE OF 3) MIXED TECHNIQUE: oil, acrylic, TREATMENT WITH COFFEE (1x3meters) MURAL Painted by Luis Fábrega (Paris, 2013) Exploring his life as Filmmaker, Photographer, Music Composer & Painter LUIS FÁBREGA Born in Linares (Spain), vocational painter studied Fine Arts in Granada, bored college decides to travel to Madrid to enter the world of drama. after several independent theater productions, starting in 2006 to edit an autodidact, after several music videos and experimental shorts is installed between Paris and Madrid for his 1st feature film in 2011, even in post-production. Currently directs the French production company "LOU LOU" .His first film with actress EmiliaDerou-Bernal It will be presented in 2017 after 3 years of production problems. Over its experimental video presents dreamlike atmospheres and parallel universes. Suggestive metaphors and sometimes simplistic, but great reading level. Selected by Caja Madrid and work with Burning House "HOW MUCH TO LOSE THESE ARRANGED" and "Daydream TO HAVE A LOVER", the latter criticized for its high content explicit. Other works such as "1 MINUTE anyone's life" or "I dreamed for a moment that was air" are also selected for PHOTOESPAÑA (CLICK & REC) in 2009. Its music video is mid "Ephemeral" FATIMA MEETS KURIAKI group, in which a girl lives a distorted reality. Here we talk about the surreality in which we would live to many of us, about unfulfilled dreams that haunt us throughout our day. The aesthetics of video is chic, retro-dream, leads to a magical universe. One of his last works, "speak louder SPEED" is a preview of the change to which it is addressed, the plot begins to appear. This lvideo performance was sellected to open the International Barcelona Art-Video Festival in 2011. Currently filming a documentary about the meaning of drugs today, Also he continues with his musician carrer under RA-RE name..
NUMBER 2 (SERIE OF 3) MIXED TECHNIQUE: oil, acrylic, TREATMENT WITH METALIC GOLD PLASTIC BAGS & EGGS (1x3meters) MURAL Painted by Luis Fábrega (Paris, 2018)